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Quiz Time

By John McCarthy

Rowley Realty


Hope everyone is safe and enjoying the summer weather.  I thought I would put together a hopefully fun little quiz.  This quiz was formulated in lieu of actually writing an article as I have procrastinated all week and couldn’t think of anything else, so here goes:


  1. Q:        Before you put your home on the market you should:


  1. Have a market analysis from a local agent who has sold homes in your area.
  2. Hire a licensed home inspector to go through your home and point out deficiencies that should be addressed.
  3. Clean and spruce up.
  4. All of the above.


  1. Q:        Your initial deposit and second deposit should be:


 a. $1,000 and 5% of purchase price respectively

 b. as much as you can to impress the seller, it is a sellers’ market you know.

 c. none of the above.


  1. Q:        Your deck is rotted and you are ready to put your house on the market.  You should:

             a. tell the realtor to sell it “as is” since it’s a seller’s market.

b. fix it.

c. get an estimate from a licensed contractor.


  1. Q:        The best way to find a home is through:


             a. the internet

             b. driving around the town you are looking in

             c. your REALTOR®

             d. all of the above.


  1. Q:        How should you figure the listing price for your home?


  1. Ask your neighbors; they seem to know a lot about real estate.
  2. Figure out what you owe on it and multiply by 1.5
  3. Talk with a local REALTOR® who has success in your area.


  1. Q:        If I get a “low ball” offer on my home what should I do? 
    1. Tell the “buyer” to hit the road; you have been insulted by their offer.
    2. Tell them thank you we appreciate your offer but respectfully decline.
    3. Tell them, thank you, we are going to formulate a counter offer and get back to you.
    4. Talk with your REALTOR®.


  1. Q:        When should you do your Title V inspection?
  1. When you have decided you are going to sell.
  2. When you get an offer on the home.
  3. I can do it anytime, I am sure it will pass.


  1. Q:        Who lived at 4222 Clinton Way?
  1. The Griswalds.
  2. The Waltons.
  3. The Brady Bunch.


  1. Q:        What is the best song about a home?
  1. Burning Down the House; Talking Heads.
  2. Our House by Crosby; Stills, Nash and Young.
  3. Homeward Bound; Simon & Garfunkel.
  4. Take Me Home, Country Roads; John Denver



  1. Q:        What is considered to be one of the best long term investments?


  1. Stocks
  2. Baseball Cards.
  3. A home.




  1. D.        Although you aren’t required by law to have a home inspector come into your home and perform an inspection, pointing out potential issues it is a good idea.  It allows you to fix issues prior to a sale that could potentially turn off a buyer.


  1. A.         Typically the initial escrow deposit is $1,000 and at the signing of the P&S 5% of the asking price, minus your initial $1,000 deposit.  These deposits are placed in an escrow account, and if certain contingencies are not met should be fully refundable.   All that said, you should consult with your REALTOR®, as all situations can be different.



  1. B&C.   Fixing the problem is always best but if you can’t afford to or don’t have time you should get an estimate for repairs.


  1. D.        There is no set formula for finding a home.  I have sold them via a sign in front of the house, newspaper, MLS, an open house, friend of a friend, friend of an enemy, etc.


  1. C.        Speak with an experienced REALTOR®.  He or she should know, and more importantly can show you via comparable sales, where your house should be priced.


  1. B & C but mostly D.      It depends on the offer and the circumstances, not only of your buyer but you the seller.  Talk with your REALTOR®, you may find that the person making that low ball offer really wants your house, they may just be trying to get it at a reduced price. 


  1. A.         If you have decided to sell, it is in your best interest to do your Title V inspection before you put the home on the market.  You may find that there is a fixable issue with it that if you wait would hold up a sale.


  1. D.        I watched too much TV as a kid.


  1. B, C or D.        Anything but A.


  1. C.        History has shown us that homeownership is your best long term investment.

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